Many events require Traffic Management systems to be installed to ensure that key points on the highway are effectively managed to reduce the impact on the increased volumes of traffic related to your event. Traffic Management is at the core of TransTwo’s portfolio of services and includes:

• Signage; Temporary Traffic Signals; Lane Closures; Contraflows; Road Closures, including “rolling” Road Closures for parades, marathons, concerts and any event that has an impact on traffic.; Diversion Routes- include retail parks, utility, road works and building developments.

Managing road works and event traffic management can be complicated with many key stakeholders, but TransTwo has extensive experience working with local councils, the police and residents.
We produce comprehensive traffic management plans which include up-to-date detailed drawings of traffic management equipment on roads, and applications for road closures etc.

Our traffic management plans consider and address all aspects of traffic demand, routing, control and movement. We manage every aspect of traffic control from signage to key stakeholder liaison to event planning, reporting and on-site management.

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